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I’ll be back

No, I’m not talking about the Terminator sequel that is coming soon. Tho I have loved all of them very much, I only wanted to respond generally to people who are sending me lovely e-mails but wondering WTF I’m doing not posting and not updating my websites.

I’m taking some time off. Forced. Until september 2nd, when my son* will go back to school and Mike stops working.

(*) I kept him a secret from the internet until now for security reasons.

I didn’t prepare for this, this summer… And I can’t wait to start working again! See ya on september 2nd :)

Regular Fellatio Reduces the Risks of Breast Cancer by 40%

American Blowjob Study I’ve receive this newspaper article in my mail this morning and wanted to share the information with you as I thought you might

a) be surprised
b) love the argument
c) smile

So let me translate it for you (well only the important parts):

According to an American study, regular blowjob reduces the risks of breast cancer by 40%.

The study was conducted by the South Carolina University and proved that women who practice fellatio once or twice a week see their risks of breast cancer lower by 40%.

15 000 women participated.

The first group of 6 246 women aged from 25 to 45 were the ones who gave a blowjob on a regular basis. The 9 728 other women were not giving a blowjob very often and some, sadly, never.

In the first group, only 1,9% of the women contracted breast cancer against 10,4% in the second group.

Dr B.J Sooner commented on the astonishing results: “I am very impressed by the results of the study and pleasantly surprise that the researchers have found a very simple way to diminish the risks of breast cancer.”

Dr B.J. Sooner, who also participated in the study, added: “It’s only through a regular practice of fellatio that the risks of breast cancer can be reduced significantly.”

A Lesson Learned: Don’t Masturbate In Anything & Everything that Looks Like a Hole

Japanese who has his penis trapped

We can learn a lot from trial and error. In this case, it’s preferable when it’s someone else’s error. Poor guys…

(Is it just me or the holes are very, very small?)

The second video is funny. We actually don’t hear anyone moan and it is watchable entirely. Never the less, there is still a lesson to learn from it: if you get a job at a 911 call center, you must be able to stay serious even in very awkward situation.

Another poor guy over here.

Word of the Day: Irrumatio

Irrumatio – or irrumation – is when a guy thrust his penis into his partner’s mouth. It also means thrusting the penis between the legs, upper thighs, or between the abdomens of two partners.

Maybe coze I’m french, but I’ve never heard that word before. But not hearing about it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it from time to time.

I’m a delicate, so anything that would hurt is just a turn off for me. I know. It makes irrumation a bit difficult but when done in perfect harmony, it is all soooooo yummy!!

Like this at the end:

Video trailer from The Art of Blowjob – Worship

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