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Vintage Bushes

We sure rarely see natural bushes now a day in the porno and it always feels sort of uncomfortable to see a hairy pussy.

We are sold to wax or razors and I too fall for the clear version of my own pussy. For many reasons, I wax; comfort, hygiene, ease of use and perhaps for a little vanity too!

I haven’t always waxed and this kinda vintage picture collection reminded me how a real pussy looks like.

A Real Hairy Pussy

Do you have any preferences when it comes to pussy style?

Free Dating Site… for Zombies

If you have read some of my previous post before I went completely nuts, you may remember how much I enjoy everything zombie.

But this is the icing on the cupcake, – for VB – the cherry on top of the sunday, the fresh brain of a not yet dead human.

I wish I could subscribe. Jenna Jameson would certainly be a most popular after Zombie Strippers.

Ok so here it is:

The free dating site for zombies, ZombieHarmony

Created by (Dating for non-zombies) <= if you browse, you might find there are zombies on that dating site. Anyway good marketing dudes.

ZombieHarmony is for zombies only. We advise signing up for ZombieHarmony only if you lack a pulse, have limited motor skills, or feel an intense desire to feast on human beings. We are not responsible for lost or ingested loved ones. If you go on a date with a zombie, we cannot be held liable for contributing to the apocalypse.

Via Boinkology

How To: Make A Woman Squirt

A lot has been written on how to make a woman squirt or simply teaching woman how to do it. There are also a lot of videos showing woman having this beautiful orgasm.

But I find the Squirt Teacher much more educational then anything else I have ever seen.

Sit back and enjoy… 😀

Female Orgasm Mastery Is An Instructional Female Orgasm Video That Will Teach You To Master ALL Female Orgasms Including The Squirting Orgasm (Female Ejaculation)! Guaranteed. Forget the “squirting” you may have seen in porn. There are MUCH HIGHER LEVELS than that, and most people will NEVER know about this… This is a TOTAL BODY AWAKENING resulting in MULTIPLE ORGASMS that will affect her ENTIRE BODY. Not only is this POSSIBLE, but it’s actually quite SIMPLE when you know HOW to properly “FINE-TUNE” a woman’s body…

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