Monthly Archives: April 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who have send me gifts for my birthday!

Victoria’s Secret Gift

Even if my birthday is past, I always love to receive those beautiful gifts to my e-mail!

Thanks again so much!
Love and very special kisses 😉

Zombie Strippers VS Luis Romero

Forget about Luis Romero. His zombie movies are simply not a match for this new plain awesome movie: Zombie Stippers

A zombie Stripper

The story is exactly what you expect it to be. And it is going to be a hit. Why?

3 zombie strippers

Because everyone wants to know if Jenna Jameson is going to turn into a zombie stripper!

Oh and lol at Jenna Jameson has she is reading Neitzsche… (IMD)

Jenna Jameson reading Neitzsche

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is my birthday. I’m 33 and I accept gifts ( 😀

I wish StarCraft II would have been released already as this is the game I would have wanted!

Happy birthday Camille!!!

Anyway, I’m going to have strawberries for breakfast and surprises for the rest of the day from my boyfriend!

Kiss to you!