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Monday membership give-away

I feel cool this monday evening. Cool enough to give one free membership to one of my website to the person who will answer this question about me right:

Q: What is my favorite movie?

Leave your answers in the comments and the first person to have the right answer will have a free membership to either The Art of Blowjob or to Dolorem, one of their choice.

With your answer, write “I’d like to have a free membership to [the site of your choice here]” and of course use your real email address so I can contact you with your passwords.

You have until Friday to find the answer. Good Luck!!! (your gonna need it, this is a though one.) I’ll leave you a clue everyday.


  • Monday, March 31st, 2008 – #1. It’s a french surrealist black comedy

et tu boote’ on Flickr

I’ve been pretty active on Flickr since 2004 even tho I had my account deleted a couple of times and some of the friends I have there have impressed me because of the evolution they had through the year.

Lucy by et tu boote on flickr

[image from et tu boote’‘s flickr account]

It is the case with et tu boote who makes incredibly beautiful pictures. I’m just so happy to be his friend and wanted to share this with you along with his nice pics :)

I don’t know if you have to be in his friends list to see the pictures of if you need a flickr account… there’s some more then just sexy pics in his stream.

Thanks Violet!

I know it looks like I’ve been lazy this past week, but believe me, I had nothing but busy, busy, busy days. And today, while going through my favorite blogs, I find out that Violet made a little post about my favorite activity and my humble mission for the world.

Violet Blue. Isn’t she pretty or what?

Since I have a deep respect and giant admiration for Miss Blue, I was thrilled to read her post and went dancing and singing in the house “I’m on tinynibbles!! Violet Blue wrote about me!!”

Anyway, thank you so much Violet! Je suis une fervante admiratrice et lectrice

Happy birthday OS X!!!

Mac OS X is now 7 years old (I think – but I remember it was March 24th). I remember getting my first copy and being so excited.


I’m so jealous because it’s so sexy – go ahead and call me nerdy if you want, I don’t care anymore and I’ll masturbate if I want to with gadget magazines and fall in love with a guy (or girl) that makes me a poem with code… :p

Just a quick note today because I’m working on some new sexy stuff. I’ll let you in the secret soon!

Kiss, love and anything else you’d like me to give you, I feel generous today. haha!

Just 24.95$ for a 1 year membership to TAOBJ

I know that’s crazy, but I’ve got to make it up to you. You’ve been really patient with my server experimentations and while thousands of people came to The Art of Blowjob.

So, I hope you can forgive me and to help you do this, I’m making a very crazy super deal. You can get a 1 year membership for the price of a monthly membership… only 100 available.

Sorry, it was too popular and there are no more memberships available.