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Sample Added

I’ve been making some upgrades to The Art of Blow-Job’s main site all afternoon… just to give you some beautiful samples. Click on the pictures on the home page to get to the update page and there you’ll have some photo samples all in 1024 px.They are all crisp, gorgeous, extra high quality and ultra erotic, like every pictures in my member section. Hope you’ll like them!

Sample from Deep Blow-job

P.S: I’ll be adding some more samples on the older galleries soon and of course a trailer for each of my videos.

EDIT: Since I’ve changed the layout of TAOBJ, the samples are no longer available. I’ll post some over here once in a while, or you could go to my flickr account.

No Obscenity for my Fellow Canadian

I hate to say this, but we, Canadian are full of contradictions. We’re even worse then woman (or do we have a population dominated by woman, I don’t know. Stats aren’t my kick).You see, when it comes to prohibition of obscene material, we’re not quite right on the line between protecting our freedom of expression and protecting ourselves from the obscene (who would ever want the second?).As the article on Slate – No Obscenity, Please. We’re Canadian. points it out, “Copies of Shameless — Please Fill up My Holes (Page 4) and Blow It Out Your Ass Vol. 2 are fine, but visitors should leave their DVDs of Bondage Bordello (Page 3) at home.”Now if this comic is obscene, we need to fire some people at the Border Services Agency.janice4c.jpgThank to Miss Violet Blue for the valuable information.

Photo Update: Little Tear of Love

Little Tear of Love
Little Tear of Love from The Art of Blowjob

That’s what happens when I just can’t stop myself from deep-throating you. I can’t help it, I want more… I want to feel it all down in the back of my throat. Because I can’t quite handle you for a few seconds while you are filling me completely, here she comes, the little tear of love, the one that comes when gagging (<- this link is great… it might change your views on gagging).That’s right sweetie, fill me completely and I’ll give you a Little Tear of Love.

Not all porn users are dysfunctional middle aged man in a grubby raincoat

Author Catharine Lumby has made researches for 3 years on 1000 Australians to uncover the trends in pornography consumption and production. She says: “One of the myths (about pornography) suggests that women aren’t consumers, but we have very clear evidence that there’s a growing proportion of porn consumers who are women”.Her NEW book has been released in Australia, which exposes the world of pornography, who’s doing it and what they are watching, looking at, reading and clicking on.The Porn Report is a book I’d really love to read, so if you are in Australia and feel the need to give, think about me! Learn more from the article on

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