Focusing on Amy’s Pleasure

Amy gets cunnilingus on the couch

Giving pleasure is really sexy. A lot of the time it’s fun to have the give and take of mutual play, but today’s update on The Art of Cunnilingus is all about focusing right in on Amy’s pleasure. She relaxes on the couch and her partner Jordan takes it upon himself to make her feel good by any means necessary. He really takes his time as he seduces her, though. This isn’t about zeroing right in on her pussy. Every little kiss, tweak, lick, touch… They’re all layered on top of one another so that, by the time he actually gets to the cunnilingus, she’s already close to the edge. That’s the magic of anticipation. Jordan certainly knows every button to push, because it doesn’t take much for her to start moaning, writhing and coming before you even know it. Her orgasm is really something to behold… She definitely isn’t self-conscious about it, and that’s a really amazing thing.

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An Evening of Irrumatio

Piper gives an amazing irrumatio blowjob

Face fucking is a very particular term, and even though it’s technically the same thing as what you see in this video, it has a very different connotation. It sounds intense, but not in a sensual way… It sounds almost a little bit violent. Irrumatio, however, is a lovely sounding word. It’s a lot like fellatio, so you know you’re on the right track, linguistically-speaking. It rolls off the tongue, figuratively and literally. Irrumatio is just another way of defining the act of a passive blowjob, but isn’t it almost velvet-like to hear? Piper shows off the luxurious nature of irrumatio as she lays back and touches herself while opening her beautiful mouth to take in a penis and, eventually, an impressive cumshot. She looks absolutely stunning in a pearl necklace and nothing else as she indulges in all kinds of pleasure.

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Oral Vibrator?

oral sex vibrator

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Apparently the good people at INMI (which I have admittedly never heard of before) have created a vibrator specifically for oral sex. To me, it looks half-way between someone eating a bluetooth headset and a We-Vibe. I’m intrigued by this… I certainly pride myself on my oral abilities and would like to think that this wouldn’t be necessary, but I also know that a lot of people really like vibration sensations as part of oral sex. The question: is this the best way to make a blowjob or cunnilingus buzz?

I can see this working for blowjobs, since it’s right there in the mouth, but it also seems like it’d get in the way of a lot of the more fun and interesting techniques you can play around with. Also, the penis would need to be right in the cheek to really feel much, which is also where the teeth live. As for cunnilingus… It might get an okay buzz on the outside, but it wouldn’t ever be very focused. This is why I like small vibrators and even bullet vibes, because you can place them wherever you want the sensation and you can use your mouth around them.

Chilling Out With an Icy Blowjob

Piper gives a sensually cool blowjob with ice

When we think of cold and penises together, we mostly think of shrinkage, but there’s a time and a place for almost every combination, right? This week’s educational blowjob video series is all about ice and how it can enhance an oral experience. So much of sex is about heating up, getting warm, hot encounters… Sometimes it’s exciting to add an element of cold to the mix to explore temperature play together. So Piper breaks out a bowl of ice to trace along his cock, over his balls and then into her mouth, offering it as a way to cool down with an amazing icy blowjob. Of course, it can be a pretty intense sensation, but if you watch the video and follow our advice, you can explore a chilly blowjob experience for yourself.

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Are You a Vagenius?

Selina gets blissfully sensual cunnilingus

We are all about cunnilingus, so we are very intimately connected to vulvas and vaginas. To be clear: the vulva = the outside, the vagina = the inside. Now that we’ve got that little bit of anatomy 101 out of the way, we present you with a Buzzfeed quiz designed to help you test your VQ and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process that you can bring back with you to bed. The more we know about our bodies and each other’s bodies, the more we can do with that knowledge. You’ll be asked about vaginal depth, orgasms, vibrators, birth control, the clitoris and more! I’m proud to say that I got a perfect 11/11… How about you?

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The Beauty of Face Sitting

Piper has a face sitting cunnilingus orgasm

Face sitting is totally gorgeous. There’s something so sexy about seeing a woman take charge and be in control of her orgasms. In this case, Piper is all dressed up with a beautiful pearl necklace and a pair of lovely white lace panties. It’s nice to be naked, but sometimes there’s that extra little bit of eroticism derived from pushing those panties to the side to taste a beautiful, wet pussy. Piper is riding his face like a queen, sitting there and really sinking in to feel his tongue inside her, lapping her wetness and swirling his tongue around her clit. She comes so incredibly hard, throwing her head back and shaking out her gorgeous brown hair as she has an amazing orgasmic crest into a lovely denouement. She smiles, breathes a sigh of relief and you see the way the pleasure washes over her face.

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