A teaser reveals Piper’s favorite position!

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Piper reveals why she loves this position.

I love to kneel in front of a man. Doing so, I am at the perfect height to see his whole package. I can focus better on him until he feels like jumping in. I guess he enjoys it more too, because he can see my every move. In this particular position, I feel like both the woman and man get more excited.

To have eye contact with your partner is essential. It tells you so much about his pleasure and when he is about to climax. You learn to pick-up the signs and use them to your advantage, only to make him go crazy.

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Give Her What She Wants!


There’s a lot of pressure on the man to perform when it comes to going down on a woman, but don’t worry, we want you to still feel your jaw afterwards. It does not have to be an only tongue performance, you can vary your technique by adding in a little finger play, or to spice it up even further, a toy. Women can’t get enough of their toys, so why not use them to your advantage? You tongue can cover the surface, licking at your own pace, while a toy can take care of the rest. Some toys you can remotely control, making sure you are only giving her what you want her to have.

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8 Beautiful Cumshots With Piper!


I love every blowjob I have ever done, especially the blowjobs I get to film. I can watch them over and over again. For my own pleasure or to improve my performances. I do have some favorites… :)

The cumshot is always my favorite moment. I never anticipate it, because I do love the getting there. The finally makes me wet each time.

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Piper’s Erotic Description Of A Blowjob(Part 2)

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As I took him deeper in my throat, he could not contain his moans. My nose was hitting his lower stomach. Each time I would take him as deep as could. I think he could feel I was into it, he was impatient. He took my head with one of his hands and guided me to his rhythm on his hard shaft. With his free hand he grabbed my breast and pulled on my nipple delicately. It turned me on even more.

I loved that I was not in control of all things, but I could still make him more impatient with my eyes and mouth. Each time our eyes locked a moan would escape my throat. I could not control myself. I was getting so wet. I stuck my tongue out on his balls while I had is length in my mouth, he rapidly pushed me off of him. I thought he was about to cum, I was disappointed. I wanted to play longer. He did not cum, yet.

I started focusing more on his tip. It was so engorged. Each time it would penatrate my mouth, I wanted it to last forever. He kept on controlling his cock with one hand and my head with the other one. My saliva was getting thicker, it would slip easily and further in my throat. I felt filled.

He switched technics and took my jaw, opening my mouth wide. I let him have all the control and I loved it. He was only thinking of his pleasure and that was what excited me the most. I felt like an object, but an irreplaceable one.

The strings where tightening on my wrists, it did not hurt. His hand was now wrapped around his cock and my lips, he would just trust in me. He took is hand soaked in saliva and went down to feel my breast. The touch of his wet hand made me moan again. He was about to cum, I could feel his cock harden even more.

He pulled my head further from his shaft. He had the best of views. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out ready to take him in at any time. The first jet of sperm hit my tongue. I love the taste of it. The second was bigger and hit the exact same spot, some of it slid down my chin and dropped on my chest. I suck what was left of it. One last drop came out, I was so satisfied. My mouth finally stopped watering. It was already over.

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Piper’s Erotic Description Of A Blowjob(Part 1)

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Piper’s description of Monday’s update, on TheArtofBlowjob.

I felt like doing something different. I never get bored of sex, I just get more excited when I try something new.

He opened the door and greeted me with two kisses on the cheeks. He took my hand to guide me inside. He started is tour by the living room and so on. He showed me the bedroom, as if it were nothing. I thought he might just want a casual diner with me. But each time I would look at is salt and pepper beard, I could see a small smile at the edge of his lips. He must have something in  mind.

We went thru the kitchen and stopped at a closed door. He opened it and let me go first. I could only see a long flight of spiral stairs. It seemed like forever before I finally touch the ground again. There was a long corridor at the end of which we turned left, it was are only option.

The room was a mess, not nasty, just unorganized and it needed some sweeping. The second thing I noticed was a metal bar in the middle of the room. It is screwed in the selling, the kind of bar you use to do chin-ups. A thin pillow was placed just under it. I waked toward the pillow, understanding know very well why we did not stop for too long in his bedroom.

I kneeled on the pillow, just to see his reaction. I could see by the bulge in his pants, that that was his plan all along. He did not seem ready for what I was offering. Even with the light on, it was dark, no natural light was passing thru the windows, they were covered with some kind of plastic.

He took is pants off. Some sort of electric cord was laying on the floor, he  proceeded to tie it around my wrists and than to the metal bar. He was gentle yet at the same time eager. I took a deep breath and put is entire shaft in my mouth…

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