The Wednesday Tips: Go Crazy On Her, Keep It Going!

Happy Hump Day!

For Her!

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Selina from TheArtofCunnilingus

Once you have tried everything you could think of! You are not willing to give up yet, but she is just missing a little something.

If she is not responding enough to your taste, just go crazy on her. Give it all you have got, get dirty and burry your nose in it too.

Woman like to be amused, you could say it excites them. It might just work!


For Him!

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Piper from TheArtofBlowjob

It can be hard express yourself while she is rocking your world. Some women are just so amazing, you want it to last forever.

If she is making you climax, but you do not want too quite yet, there are many ways to tell her. You can invent your own secret code: a tap, pulling her hair back, placing a hand on yourself, etc.

All the ways are good, as long as she is in on the secret.



Piper Blush Loves Cum!

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Cuddle with Piper, here!

Piper cuddles next to you, her legs folded on her stomach. She looks so delicate, brushing her right nipple against your thigh, her left breast bare, just in hand’s reach. She leans so close, you feel her heavy breath of desire on your shaft and balls. She takes you all in her mouth. Hre tongue pushes on you to make you harder. Her eyes lift up between the ups and down of her head.

She stops, she has to lock eyes with you. She licks her upper lip, smiling. She likes the taste of your precum. Piper then takes her hand to push it out of your cock, a drop spilling out. She strokes you more, wanting to taste it again. Her wet fingers on your tip feel so good, you feel another drop coming out. She teases you, taking her fingers and spreading it all over your throbbing tip. Precum is thicker than saliva, making it a really good lubricant.

She strokes you again. placing all her focus on the head of your cock. Her thumb massages your frenulum and her index the front of your cock. More precum comes out, but she doesn’t pay attention to it; she wants your cum. She keeps on expertly stroking and licking you, and receives the first spurt on her fingers. It’s pouring out of you now, and smiles and licks it it all off. All along, that’s all she wanted to taste.

Many Faces of Pleasure: Piper’s Face As She Is Receiving Oral Sex!

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Happy Saturday!

Piper’s eyebrows always frown in the same manner, when she as an orgasm. Her mouth opens wider so she can inhale more air, as she exhales only moans escape her soft throat.

See her on TheArtofCunnilingus!

Sensual Wet Shower Blowjob With Piper Blush!

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Watch Piper’s Full Video Here!

You’re turning the shower off just as Piper walks in through the open door. She unties her bathrobe, revealing her naked body underneath. Her breasts bounce as she walks in the bathroom, and tells you to stay where you are. She turns around, her dressing gown drops down to the floor, letting you see the straps of her black garter framing her ass. She comes back with a chair and drops it right in front of the door.

Without a word, she directs you to it. You sit. She smiles, her hands move down on your thighs, she goes down on her knees. She pulls the towel, you are fully exposed. She brings your cock to her lips, you feel the deep wetness of her mouth. Her tongue swirls on your frenulum, her warm hand cuddles your balls.

She pushes you in a little too deep, you hear her gasp for air as she pulls oyou out. She’s so focused on your shaft, only raising her eyes to show you her appreciation. Her hands turns on your length, while her mouth licks your tip. She brings you to a powerful climax, your cum spurts out all over her cheeks and in her mouth. As you relax, she licks the cum from her hands.

Selina’s Mesmerizing Blowjob!

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#Throwback Thursday

Selina is with you, hanging around, but all of the sudden she’s got a few buttons undone on her top, flashing her satiny black and red bra and amazing breasts. Selina has a gorgeous body. It’s almost hypnotic. Watching her movements and the way her curves respond is truly phenomenal. When she climbs over you, it’s time to surrender.

Her eyes are just as profoundly hypnotizing. She has a power over you that you can’t quite name, but you know that it’s got you incredibly hard before she’s even taken off your pants. As your cock springs up to meet her, the blowjob begins…

See her stunning videos on TheArtofBlowjob!

The Wednesday Tips: Stimulate The Vagina and The Clitoris, Long Wet Licks!

It’s Hump Day!

Here are some tips that will facilitate or enhance your “hump” technics.


For Her!

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Cassie from TheArtofCunnilingus!

Not every woman can squirt, but she will get a great deal of pleasure from fingering. Especially when you stimulate her clitoris and her vagina at the same time. It makes a ground breaking orgasm.


For Him!


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Piper from TheArtofBlowjob!

She hold your hard manhood straight, starting at the bottom she sticks her tongue out. In one long lick she goes from bottom to top, spreading warmth and wetness on your length. It can be used as a simple tease or repeatedly to make you go crazy.