Make Your Own Dildo!

If you want something done right, do it yourself! That could not be more true with the DIY dildos. Immortalise your manhood. Give your partner the opportunity to take you with her everywhere, so she never forgets what you feel like inside of her.

Clone A Willy

Clone A Willy

Here are some attractive reasons why you should immortalise your manhood according to UberKinky!

1. Picking up your copy just got a lot more interesting… You know what they say, “When the cat’s away…”! But why should we settle for anything less than the best? And why shouldn’t a fine specimen with the perfect package immortalise it? There are plenty of reasons why we reach for a dildo, but it’s never quite as good as the right person’s real thing. Well, it is now! So, now the lucky receiver can feel the cock they worship deep inside, even when the person it belongs to is not around. Who says you can’t replicate perfection?

2. Double the pleasure! Two penises are better than one. And now you can experience double donging at the hands of the same man. Women can enjoy vaginal and anal stimulation simultaneously, or receive oral at the same time as being penetrated. Or, why not try both cocks in the same hole? Additionally, it has to feel pretty good being the one on the giving end.

3. This unique dildo is always on hand when that perfect package is no longer up to the job. Whether he’s simply not in the mood or has just worn himself out after a marathon session, now your homemade dildo can be brought on as a sensational substitute. Not only does it always rise to the occasion, but it also replicates that perfect package in every single way.

4.  There is a variety of Make Your Own Dildo kits available, each of which has other parts included to make sex play even better. Imagine the real thing, with added features specifically designed to provide superior stimulation. Make your manhood vibrate and discover new sensations, all of which provided by the very same penis. So, it looks and feels identical, but it will do what he simply cannot. You’ll have a hard time getting back to reality!

5. You can’t beat getting a little wet and messy together! And that’s before you’ve even started with your sex play. So, if you think creating a penis mould together sounds fun, you’re right! For starters, men will need to stay hard long enough to create the replica, and we’re sure that neither of you will find it difficult coming up with a few kinky ideas in order to facilitate this. Additionally, the mixing and moulding is a huge amount of fun. So enjoy an all new kind of foreplay and get stuck in!

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Piper’s First Anal Scene!

We give you Piper’s very first backdoor video.

For the occasion, she has chosen the most beautiful Rosebuds®. A stainless steel plug decorated with a pink crystal. As she spreads her cheeks, you can see it shine for you!

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Discover Amarna Miller!

Discover a friend of Piper Blush, the beautiful Amarna.

Piper loves it when she meets someone who understands and share her love for oral, so imagine how thrilled she was to meet Amarna, who happened to be as big a fan of it as she was. They started to exchange intimate details of their experiences, along with the various skills they’d learned over time. But what excited Amarna the most was when someone would watch her in the act – so she sent a special video to Piper so that she could show it to you. View It Here!

Amarna Miller is a porn actress and director, entrepreneur and graduated in Fine Arts. She is bisexual and loves sex in all its forms; she considers it something natural that should not be hidden. Amarna likes BDSM, antique things, photography, and art. She travels around the world shooting for different producers. In her blog, she writes her experiences, ideas, and also videos and exclusive photo shoots.

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Blowjob Followed By Double Penetration!

Piper starts by slowly by massaging her rosebud. She inserts the stainless steel plug deeper until only the flanged end is visible. She places herself in the reverse cowgirl position. You to have the best view.



Piper spreads her cheeks to let you see the jeweled plug. It shines for you! She pushes you hard cock in her now tighter pussy. Bouncing up and down is too much to bare. The walls of her vagina squeeze your cock as the waves of her imminent orgasm start washing over her. Her body shudders as she climaxes with her ass in your face.

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Piper gets up to play with your throbbing cock. Precum escapes your tip. She plays with it, pulling it out of you with her fingers. She drinks it hungrily from the source. As she slides you into her throat, you feel your balls clench. She feels it too. You explode on her tongue in a powerful ejaculation.